​Tammy writes about "Boulder" - one cool cat! I wanted to share this picture with you. Notice his paws together? Boulder will stand on his hind legs and put his paws together and then pull them inward toward himself. I am not sure what he is doing but this cat is something else. He is a great companion (very dog like) with just the best personality. My friends and family (including the guys) think he is really cool.

Karen P. is enjoying Paris and Tiger! Paris and Tiger are very happy in their new home. From the pics, you'll see they love sleeping in the fine crystal bowl... (they take turns - so cute~!!!) They are always together & with us (except bedtime) and are so much fun !!!- they've had several visitors who've all brought toys, which is so funny to me. Tiger is such an inquisitive, fearless trooper (rolls with everything). Paris on the other hand is frightened by everything (all girl). She is large for her age and is uncoordinated (jumps and misses a lot). I think she's just clumsy cause she grew quick.

​From Heather and Kelly - happy owners of Oscar and Oliver ... Took some new pics this weekend thought you may be surprised by!! Wow do we love these babies!! They are all so beautiful aren't they? Enjoy!


From Barb "Zettie's" new mom - Zettie continues to be a lot of fun. He certainly has his own little personality. He is like a 2 year old and I have to watch him carefully as he gets into the grand kids toys and some are too small for him (Lego's) to play with. I find it funny when I get up in the morning and he has dragged toy solders and plastic blocks up from the basement.He gets just crazy with the squirrels and birds outside our slider. He thinks of himself as a great hunter. He would love to get outside, but it just ain't going to happen. He isn't sleeping on the bed but I think he is under the bed, never too far away.He continues to darken and is just beautiful, the neighbor likes to come over to see him, she finds him to be gorgeous. Zettie is a good guy with the grand kids, he can't bring himself to go hide when he is tired of them as he likes being with us, but the kids are great and leave him alone when we ask them to.

From Heather - proud owner of JJ Wanted to drop you a quick note. I got your letter in the mail today. I appreciate it. He is getting so BIG. And ragdolls don't reach maturity until 2 years, right? He is almost as big as Fred. He is such a lover and sleeps with me every night. He and Fred are best buddies.

I just wanted to let you know that Lucy is adjusting to her new home beautifully and she is everything I hoped she would be.Attached is a picture we took yesterday of Lucy and her big brother "Bailey" checking each other out. Bailey knows where to go when he wants to get away from Lucy so they are getting along better than I had hoped.Thanks again for giving us such a beautiful kittie.

Mimi and Lucy's happy owner Just a note to update you on the girls. They are doing very well. They are adapting well to the family and the house. Click on picture for a larger view! Mimi is still the outgoing, adventuresome one, doesn't want to be held for more than a few minutes at a time. Always getting into things that one...Lucy is very quiet and shy. She loves to be held and cuddled. She will venture out but only if Mimi goes first. They hate to be separated and meow when they can't find the other.~Jennifer

​From The Burzlaffs - We wanted to let you know that little Dexter is doing well and is growing by the day. He adjusted within a couple days and is a handsome, crazy little tom.

​I just wanted to let you know how very impressed both John and I were with you and your kittens. You made our family very happy. I will refer anyone that I hear is interested in a kitty to you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks so very much :) ~ Erin

​Here are a few pictures of Emmett.He is such a good kitty and he loves to play all the time.He is a bit of a night owl and likes to jump on my face and give kisses. He has been to the vet twice already for nail clipping and shots and they love him. Enjoy!

Breagan is doing great. 8 months and is as big as Lilleigh now. About 10 pounds and getting fluffier everyday. Still a huge cuddle bug. He licks and needs/holds my hand every night to fall asleep (while purring as loud as he can).He reminds me a lot of his mom is him long legged body style (yet solid like Rupert) but the extra friendly personality like sister Blanche. He and Lilleigh are the best of friends, always within 10 feet of each other. It’s adorable when they lick each other’s ears as if they know they can’t reach that spot on their own so they help each other out.

Quinn is doing very well. He is the funniest little guy. He is sweet and such a good baby. He is getting big and looking more like his daddy every day.

​These are my two precious boys...Oscar and Oliver. Oliver is the wonderful Ragdoll that I purchased from Joni in June 2008. Oscar is a kitten that I rescued about 2 weeks prior to getting Oliver, when he was only 5 weeks old. They are awesome together and play all the time. When I get home from work they are always sleeping right next to each other. Both kittens are playful, fun, loving and adorable! I wouldn't trade them for the world!  

​Just a note to let you know Pearl is doing great. She is so awesome, she is so quiet, when I come downstairs to work she will maybe give a cry or two then go have a nap. She is so much fun, I can’t tell you how much she entertains us, and we just love her. Corrie, Barry and Justin 10.02.08 Just a quick update on Pearl. She is doing so wonderful – and getting so big!!! We are so impressed with her wonderful personality, she is just a joy to have around. I notice you have a Happy Owners section on you website. Feel free to post comments and/or pics of Pearl. We think she is just beautiful – her colouring is just coming in lovely.

​Hi Joni - Just wanted to pass along some pictures of Haldir (Hal), from around November of 2008. The other cat in the picture is Eowyn, our three year old female.Hal loves to sit on the back of the chair and watch TV, his favorite show is America’s Funniest Animal Videos, but sometimes he will settle for football.Hal is now a year old and weighs over 13 pounds and seems to be getting bigger every day. He waits at the door for us every day around the time we get home, he’s always there to greet us.We were really impressed by how well socialized he was from the day we brought him home. We’ve decided that we have room for one more addition to the family. We were so impressed with your cattery and Hal’s disposition that we would like to get another kitten from you if possible~Kevin and Shawn

​Here are a couple of picture of Storm. She has adjusted wonderfully, and I am happy to say she is now running the household - seriously!We all adore her, and agree she is the best "dog" we ever had! She even has my 6'4" 18 year old son wrapped around her finger - they're a hoot to watch together. WE LOVE OUR RAGDOLL!

Hello! Isn't Cammie a beauty??!! A little Stella. He is our pride and joy. He has a very happy home and is lavished with love and affection. I hope you got the info I sent you about Cammie. Having Cammie was just met to be ~ Sharon K 

I thought I would share a couple photos of Stella, as she is growing so much!  She has been an amazing addition to our family!  The excitement has not worn off with our daughter!  She smothers her daily!  Thanks again for bringing us together:)~Tammy R


Molly was 3 lb 10 oz yesterday at the vet. She went for her shot. She's doing great!!! Love her!  Getting big and daring! :-)~Nellie M

I got a ragdoll from you this past March. Just wanted to let you know Cinder is doing very well. She is getting super chunky and I think she's bigger than my 3 year old seal point already. Thank you again for my wonderful baby. She is just perfect and such a cuddle bug.~Autumn C

Coco and Hershey..Best of buddies already~Tom & Nancy H

Bella was thrown a Kitty Shower before her arrival to Kathy H...She is is still her little baby girl

Willow is so sassy, fun & gorgeous.  She takes a shower with me every 2 weeks!  She continues to kneed, purr and be by my face all through the night.  She gets on my lap and just stares at my face, it is so cute!  We get so many compliments on her. I have never experienced the love I have for her! Thank you for such a sweet baby~Mindy G

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