Our Cattery


We are proud of our clean and well organized cattery!  You can be assured your kitten has been bred, born, and raised in an extremely clean, yet social environment.  Though our kittens are born in a cattery, we ensure they are well socialized.  They all receive one on one time with us in our home.  

The Honeymoon Suites

We have three male ragdoll cats that each have their own honeymoon suite (1800 sq ft) plus an area for the ladies to hang out. All of our pregnancies are well planned and so there are no "free for alls" at Mid Michigan Ragdoll Cats!

The Social Room

After our Ragdoll kittens receive their 8 week vaccines and go from the nursery away from their mom, they move in to our social room.   They get to play with their litter mates and get a little more space to run, climb cat trees along with other toys to help with their "eye to paw" coordination.  During our home visiting time, they are given the opportunity to meet and interact with people.  The kittens also get time to socialize with our son, dogs and other critters in our home.  

Mid Michigan Ragdoll Cats