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Deposits | What to Expect

- Deposits are used to hold a spot on our waiting list.

- Deposit list is first come, first serve, people who place a deposit first will have first choice over other people on the list.

- Once a kitten is chosen, the deposit holds the kitten until pick up.


- Deposits are non-refundable and are applied to the total cost of the kitten.

- Deposits are kept for one year, if a kitten is not found in one year or depositor changes their mind,deposit will be relinquished to breeder.

- If a kitten being held with a deposit is not picked up on the arranged pick up day, a boarding fee will of $5/day will be charged.

- A deposit can be moved to a future litter if a desired kitten is not available in the current litter or timing of the litter is not ideal for the depositor (up to one year from deposit date).

- Breeder will have first choice of any kitten in any litter to keep for the cattery.

- Depositors must be available to come pick a kitten on the date prearranged with the breeder. If the appointment is not kept by the depositor, they will be skipped and other depositors will be allowed to pick their kitten first.

- Breeder reserves the right to refuse to sell a kitten to anyone for any reason even after deposit is placed. Kittens are placed in homes at the discretion of the breeder and deposit will be refunded if the breeder refuses sale of kitten.

By placing a deposit, depositor agrees to abide by the rules listed above.

Please do not place a deposit until you have been in contact with us. 

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