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Additional information

What to know before visiting, making the trip to us and getting the adoption process started.



Starting the process of adoption is simple! Look over our FAQ, read all about Ragdolls and contact us when you are ready to add a new best friend! We focus on creating a long, healthy relationship with our kittens and strive to make the adoption process a wonderful experience. You may be asked questions to make sure we are a good fit and will create a relationship that will last for years to come! We reserve the right to refuse to adoption to anyone we feel is not in the best interest of the kitten for any reason.


Our babies are raised in our house in playpens designed to allow space to grow and reduce the spread of disease. We ask that you do not visit any other catteries or rescues for 2 weeks prior to visiting our home. When you visit our house, you will be asked to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer prior to handling kittens. Shoe covers or shoe sanitizers will be used between playpens. Plan on spending an hour learning about our Ragdoll family and visiting babies. Appointments are scheduled, please contact us to book a visit. We allow visits after an initial quick questionnaire and by appointment only.


Making the trip

We are located in Stockbridge, Michigan about 45 minutes from Lansing and Ann Arbor. All the roads surrounding our house are paved but visitors should expect to travel through the country to get to us. If the weather is sub optimal, visitors may need to reschedule. Appointments are typically scheduled on the weekend and last around one hour. Kids are welcome to come with their parents but must be kept under parental supervision. If our animals seem distressed by the presence of unruly children the family will be asked to leave. We do not have wheelchair access to our home, arrangements will need to be made prior to the visit if any disabilities exist. We have dogs, if a fear of dogs exists please let us know in advance of your visit. Finally, Ragdolls seem to effect people with allergies less than other breeds of cat, if a severe cat allergy exists, please do not come to our home.

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